I'm Nyshell.

(that's Michelle w/ an "N")

Your go-to-girl for creativity + web design.

I’m a full-time stay-at-home wife + mom of 4 girls, poet + creative consultant. I help entrepreneurs bring ideas to life, while holding space for women navigating marriage, motherhood, and ministry. What does that mean?

I can,
1. create a dope website for your business,
2. write and perform a poem for your next event,
3. help you #setseeslay your personal goals, and still
4. get dinner on my family table before 6pm.

I believe if a woman holds the power to create life, she can also create a life she loves. I’m here to inspire, encourage, but most importantly dismantle the belief that a woman must choose between raising a family + pursuing her dreams.

My love language is tacos + dirty chai tea lattes. you can expect some cheerleading, a few scriptures, plus occasional Cardi B. lyrics ‘cuz that’s how I get down.


Oh yeah, I love talking to groups, large and small, about motherhood, identity + purpose, branding, goal setting and living well. if you think i'd be a good fit for your next event invite me to speak.

Perhaps we've met at.

  • Family Worship Center Church Int'l Winner's Conference

  • I'm Pretty Empowered Women's Conference

  • Junior Achievement Girls' Dream Fair

  • Imagine It 2019

  • We As One Prayer Event(s)

  • You Got This! Empowerment Summit

  • Grit, Glam, Guts Girls' Conference

  • Lansing Black Chamber of Commerce Pillar Awards

  • GLAC 35th Annual Founders' Day Awards Brunch

life's too short for ugly websites.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday • 1PM – 8PM est
Email 24/7 • Calls by appointment only

Closed on holidays + January 27th

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